Welcome to Lagniappe Healthcare where we provide complete skilled nursing services to our residents and patients by our team of dedicated professionals working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. At Lagniappe Healthcare, we believe in the preservation of dignity, self-respect and resident rights in a loving and caring environment. We offer our residents with an ambience where they can enjoy life to its fullest while receiving assistance with activities of daily living, where a long term relationship between staff and residents is the key to our success. We understand the challenges facing patients of recent acute hospitalization for illness, injury or other limitations. That is why we ensure that we provide excellent care and the comforts they deserve with the goal of helping them achieve their highest possible functional capacity and independence. We know the people we serve and understand individual residents healthcare needs. We also understand that the residents we serve are your mothers and fathers, your sisters and brothers, your uncles, grandparents, friends and loved ones. Like you, we want to provide them with the best care and support possible. We have the compassion, experience, skills and dedication to make the difference. Your health, your home, your peace of mind. You can trust Lagniappe Healthcare with everything that means the most to you.